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The Rising Power of Social Media

By Rich Duncan | Dec 11, 2018

It’s no surprise that the rise of the internet has taken the informative world by storm.  In the beginning the internet was created for the sole purpose: communications.  In a very science-fiction sort of idealistic dream, the development of this network of computers continued for things such as scientific betterment and defense communications during nuclear…

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Do I really need a monthly maintenance plan?

By Rich Duncan | Nov 30, 2018

When asked this question by clients my answer is always the same. Are you prepared to stop everything you are doing to grow your business to fix your website or pay someone in an emergency situation to fix it? When you own a website you will inevitably run into issues and costs you just did…

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Should I have my friend build my Business website?

By Rich Duncan | Nov 28, 2018

In this day and age everyone appears tech savvy. Why not just use your friend to create your business website? Let us tell you why: A successful website build requires global business vision. Consequently your friend might not have the vision required to execute your online plan. A variety of issues can arise without the…

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Professional Currency

By Rich Duncan | Nov 26, 2018

In your professional and entrepreneurial life you have intangible assets. These are resources you may not be aware of. Consider it “currency” that you will need to have, maintain and build upon. As you grow and mature your currency growth should also expand allowing your business to grow as well. We’d like to outline the…

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